Resort Information - Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your booking. We trust that you will enjoy your stay with us. A request from our side to all guests is to please respect one another and to adhere to the following rules. When you pay your deposit, we accept that you have read and understand the rules.

ATTENTION: Tourism Companies, QVC, Funseeker and other Companies: Please make sure the guest receive this Important Info with the booking

Accommodation Information

UMOYA RESORT has different accommodation facilities. All tent houses are equipped with bedding and bath towels Please bring own swimming towels & toiletries. During long stays, the linen and bath towels will be changed every 4th day.

No more persons than beds.


Make sure you hand in your key and/or tag BEFORE 11:00:00 on the day of departure as your deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED after 11:00:00


  • Farmyard
  • Cash Bar
  • Big Screen
  • Volleyball
  • Boma
  • Putt-putt
  • Kiddies playground
  • Jungle gym
  • Outdoor Heated Pool
  • Cold water pool
  • Shop
  • Fishing ( catch and release)
  • Cocktail Swimming Pool


A Jungle gym is in the camp. This is also the place where we provide entertainment during December school holidays such as Boere sport and other games.


The course is close to the cold water pools. Bring your own ball.


Many different species of exotic ducks are found at Umoya Resort. These ducks are fed specific food and we ask guests not to feed them as they then would get sick.


Only the basic products. Please make sure you and your family know what time the shop opens and closes. The putt-putt equipment can be rented at the shop.


Obey the rules as we have other guests that must be respected. Sometimes guests may feel uncomfortable with the temperature of the pool. Please take note that we also have guests with heart problems, etc. We try to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. You may however inform the reception office if the temperature seems extremely high or too low. We will investigate as soon as possible. ‘Klein Begin Swimming Pool forms part of the Bar and no one under the age 18 years old will be allowed.

Outdoor pools:

Silence from 22h00. Right of admission reserved.


Bookings where payment does not reflect on our bank statement by the deadlines (48 hours / 30 days before arrivals) outlined in attachment will be automatically cancelled without prior notice. Whether you are paying your deposit or making a final payment an amount 25% of the TOTAL AMOUNT is ALWAYS retained if and where applicable (See Terms and Conditions) Should you later wish to cancel your booking please refer to our cancellation policy (to determine time frames and the amount that will be retained) contained in our Terms and Conditions (Clause 6)


Please note that should you wish to amend your booking you will be charged in accordance with the table contained in our attached terms and conditions (Clause 6)

NB: All bookings made with UMOYA Resort are subject to our Standard Trading Terms and Condition attached. Standard Trading Terms and Conditions are essential terms and conditions which your booking contract of carriage and passage are made subject to. Please read through the attached terms and conditions carefully to take note of all the essential terms which apply to your booking and your stay!

NB: In terms of the Consumer Protection Legislation we are required to keep you our passenger informed about all aspect of your stay. We have put together a vast information database about aspects of your stay and this is contained in the attachment terms and conditions. All aspects of your stay are dealt with in this document and you will be requested to accede to your knowledge of this document and its contents BEFORE paying your deposit. Your deposit confirms your booking and the information on it.

Accommodation Information


A tent with three rooms, room one is equipped with a double bed, room 2 are equipped with two single beds, small kitchenette (not suitable for frying or baking of food. Braaier on the outside. Open plan kitchen with fridge,microwave, kettle and toaster available, cutlery and crockery for 4 persons. (No stove/oven .) Bathroom with toilet, basin and sink bath. Bath towels in Tent houses - not for swimming purposes (please bring your own). Table with 4 chairs. Outside: Private shower as well as a braaier. Not recommended for couples with babies.


These luxurious stands have its own private bathroom with toilet, washbasin, shower and bath. Also DSTV points on these stands. Just bring your own card, decoder, TV and cable. ).We only allow 1Caravan + 1Carvan tent + Small (2man) tent OR 1Camping Trailer + Small(2man) tent + 1 vehcile per stand.. Extra vehicle @ extra cost.


Come and enjoy your camping experience with some privacy. Have your own private ablution with a shower, toilet and washbasin and DSTV points. (Bring your own TV, card, cable and decoder). ).We only allow 1Caravan + 1Carvan tent + Small (2man) tent OR 1Camping Trailer + Small(2man) tent +1vehicle per stand. Extra vehicle@extra cost.


These stands have shared ablution facilities. The shared ablution is 5 star quality with family bathrooms as well. ).We only allow 1Caravan + 1Carvan tent + Small (2man) tent OR 1Camping Trailer + Small(2man) tent +1vehicleper stand .

Conditions of Stay


1.1 Any loss or damage to the property or possessions of any guest, resident, private owner or visitor whether such damage was caused by fire, theft or otherwise, or by the negligence or the wrongful act or anyone in the employment of, or acting on behalf of the owner.

1.2 Any personal injuries of whatsoever nature, sustained by guest, resident, private owner or visitor, whether such injuries were sustained or by the negligence or wrongful act of anyone employed by the owner or any other person or the defective functioning of any apparatus or appliance of the owner.

2. Any person who received these rules and regulations with the booking confirmation and sign the hotel register and who is accompanied or visited by any other person, or who is to be accompanied or visited later by any other person

safe guard the owner against any responsibility towards any persons in the instances explained in the conditions in paragraph 1(1.1) and (1.2) above.


3.1 The provisions of section 84 of Act 87 of 1977 a copy of which is exhibited.

3.2 The fact that accommodation in the hotel / lodge / park is provided on a cash basis only and the guests, visitors or residents must pay their accounts in full before arrival.

NB: Please read the contents very carefully as you will be informed of various essential information and will be deemed to have knowledge of such information once we receive payment of your deposit as outlined attachment. This booking is now on our system. This means that you have made a reservation with UMOYA Resort as per the Reservation Confirmation attached hereto.

In order to secure this booking we require:

1. That proof of payment as outlined below is e-mailed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. the FULL payment is made within 48 hours - (Only December High Season bookings will pay a deposit of 10% within 48 hours and the FINAL payment at least 15 days BEFORE arrival in order to secure your booking. When your booking is made in less than 21 days before arrival, the full amount is payable within 48 hours from your booking. (Please ensure that you utilize the Invoice Number as your reference and send proof of payment to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - If we do not receive proof of payment or payment for whatever reason is not made the booking will automatically be cancelled.

Bookings are made in UMOYA Resort Reservations System. Bookings with no deposits are automatically cancelled after 48 hours - we cannot guarantee that the same Stand or Tent house or numbers will be available to re-instate where bookings have been cancelled due to non-payment of deposits.

Terms & Conditions

1. RATES APPLY: for 1Caravan + 1Carvan tent + Small (2man) tent OR 1Camping Trailer + Small (2man) tent, 4 persons per site & 1 vehicle - however max of 6 people at extra costs regardless of age. Rates may change without prior notice. (No cheques) Chalets (Tent houses): rate for 1 vehicle included and no more persons than beds per chalet (tent).

2. CARAVAN: Any caravan, trailer with camp facilities, vehicles with camp facilities, roof tent vehicles and tents will be classified as a caravan. If you camp with, for example, a 4x4 trailer, you need to book a stand per trailer (no double ups will be allowed).

3. PAYMENTS: The FULL amount is payable no later than 48 hours after booking. For December bookings a 10% deposit is required and FINAL payment no later tha15 days BEFORE arrival. Use BOOKING/ INVOICE NUMBER as reference. If payment is not made and reflected on our bank statement, the system will automatically cancel the booking.

NB: Card facilities !!

4. GROUP BOOKINGS: The person who made the booking is responsible for the full payment. Full amount is payable for bookings within 48 hours. The group will not be allowed to put up camp if the full payment is not received and proof delivered. No changes to group bookings will be accepted after 14 days prior to date of arrival. Group booking changes for December holidays must be made not later than the 10th of October. For all other holidays and long weekends changes must be made not later than 30 days before arrival.

5. WEEKENDS: Cannot be split. The customer pays for the Friday and Saturday night. The same rule applies for Long Weekends/Public Holidays.

6. REFUNDS: We do not accept any cancellations. No refunds for any late arrivals or early departures. No refunds for short notice cancellations i.e.:

  1. 21 days before “out of season”,
  2. 21 days before for “midweek season”,
  3. 31 days before for the June / July season,
  4. Not after 10th October for December / January season,
  5. Not after 10th February for March / April / May season, or 21 days prior to the September season,
  6. Cancellation fee (if applicable) on any refund / transfer / upgrades = 25% of total booking amount.
  7. No refunds for persons who did not arrive with group / on the stand. If you booked for example for 5 persons, you will pay for 5 people. If only 4 arrive, you will not be refunded. If you booked for 5 stands and only 4 stands are occupied, you will still pay for 5 stands.
  8. The person who made the bookings will be responsible for the payment.
  9. Your payment confirms your booking. Wrong payments will not be refunded.
  10. Please make sure you use the correct booking/invoice number.
  11. Cancellations, changes or Bank details must be given in writing.
  12. These conditions also apply for bookings made AFTER the deadlines.

7. TRANSFERS OF MONEY: No transfers of money or bookings to another date / stand.

8. STANDS: All stands are pre booked. Please report at reception before setting up camp. Management has the right to transfer stands without prior notice.

9. TIMES: Arrival: 11h00, Departure: 11h00 (You are however allowed to use the facilities until 15h00). Our next guests will arrive at lunch time. If you want to stay a bit longer, ask at reception for more information.

10. TENT HOUSES: Equipped with cutlery, crockery, bath towels and linen. Bring your own swimming towels – guests are not allowed to use the bath towels for swimming. Floor and bath cleaning daily and bed making, no dish washing. 2 Single beds and 1 double bed. Open plan kitchen with fridge, kettle ,microwave, fan and toaster available. (No stove /oven) Bathroom has toilet, basin and sink bath. Table with 4 chairs. Outside: Private shower as well as a braaier. Not recommended for couples with babies

.11. KEY AND TAG DEPOSIT: R100.00 for campsites and R300 for tent houses (cash only) on arrival refundable if handed in BEFORE 11h00 on day of departure. You may use the facilities until 15h00 except when another guest will arrive on that specific stand. (Please ask at reception).

12. GROUNDSHEETS: Only open weaved groundsheets - NO SOLID Sheets.

13. EXTRAS: tents - Only one on prior arrangement.

14. VISITORS: Visitors and extra vehicles at extra cost (Max of 6 persons/ site). Make prior arrangements at Reception

15. PETS: We are now pet friendly ,only small dogs are allowed ,and should be on a leash at all times ,please clean up after your pet ,Owners of pets accept full responsibility for its behavior ,and any damage that may be caused by their pets ,Umoya Resort will take no responsibility if something may overcome the pets wellbeing.NO PETS ALLOW IN SWIMMING POOLS.

16. NO rollerblades, skateboards, Scooters, bicycles in front of shop, at pool area, in ablutions, on trampolines or putt-putt or in Boma / Hall.

17. NOISE: no noise after 22h00. At all times, music, radios, TVs must be played so that only you can hear them. Only music organized by management may be played in public areas.

18. SPEED limit: 20 km/h. Dead slow in camp. Children have right of way.

19. NO motorcycles, golf carts or quad bikes are allowed.

20. FIRES may only be made in the braaiers that are available at the stand/tent house. Gathering of wood is prohibited. Wood is for sale in the shop.

21. ABLUTIONS: No children under 10 years without adult supervision. No children without adult supervision allowed in the Family Bathrooms. Shared ablutions are cleaned on a regular basis, however to leave the ablution as one would like to find it, it is CAMP ETIQUETTE. Private ablutions cleaned by visitor, however will be cleaned by staff before your arrival.

22. TRAMPOLINES: No smoking, eating or drinking. No shoes on trampolines. Trampoline times are from 07h30 until 21h00.

23. FACILITIES AND SERVICES: 15 amp electrical points at caravan sites. 5-Star ablution facility. Family bathrooms. Private bathroom stand (to be cleaned by visitor, however will be cleaned by Umoya Resort staff before your arrival), shop, jungle gym, volley ball, farmyard, cold and heated swimming pools,.

24. ANIMALS: Wild animals are dangerous, please dont touch or feed. Umoya Resort takes no responsibility for any injuries or damage that might be derived from site equipment, services and environment. Facilities are used at own risk.

25. NO DAY VISITORS- only by prior arrangements.

26. Umoya Resort will not be held responsible for any information given by any other company, websites, travel agencies, person etc that is incorrect. No claims will be considered where clients received the incorrect information from other companies, persons etc.

27. Umoya Resort: S24 54.368 E28 16.090

28. Kindly report at reception to receive your gate pass and to book in (1 Permit per vehicle).

29. Electricity: Umoya Resort cannot be held responsible for lack of electricity or power failures which results from the power supplied by the Local Municipality.

30. Office Hours: Monday - Thursday : 8h00 - 16h00 / Friday : 8h00 - 18h30 / Saturday - Sunday :07h30 13h.00. May change without prior notice.

31. Child Policy:

  1. 1. Children of all ages are welcome at Umoya Resort.
  2. Children have the right of way in the camp.
  3. Children under 10 years should be supervised by adults in ablutions, Family ablutions and shop. 4. All parents are asked to look after their children


  1. Be dressed in appropriate clothes.
  2. No topless costumes or g-strings allowed.
  3. No underwear as swimwear and make sure babies/ toddlers are dressed.
  4. Naked persons will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

33. No Hubbly Bubblies allowed on the resort.







Contact Details

Tel: 014 013 0036

Mobile: 061 799 5307

Address: R519, Bela-Bela 0484




The minimum quantity of ADULTS per stand is 4.
When you are searching for Campsites, please
ensure that this setting is ALWAYS
set to between 4 and 6.

**(This does not apply to Tent Houses)