Umoya Resort has put in place stringent hygiene routines to prevent the spread
of any harmful germs and virus.

The following measurements are being implemented :
  • All the bathrooms are being washed with a QAC Disinfectant.
  • All the counter tops of the reception, bar, restaurant and shop will be sprayed with the QAC Disinfectant regularly during the day.
  • The cleaning staff will be wearing gloves and masks while they are in the cleaning process.
  • Staff in the bar and shop will be wearing gloves and will sanitise their working stations on a regular basis.
  • Kitchen staff will be wearing gloves and masks. All the working stations will be sanitize with the QAC Disinfectant on a regular basis.
  • Every stand will receive a hand rub sanitizer and it will be refill regular.
  • The Shared Ablution will be cleaned and disinfected 2 times a day. Hand rub sanitizer will be available at the basins. Disinfectant spray will be placed in every toilet cubicle. Hand Soap Dispensers are also allocated to every bathroom.
  • Swimming Pools : Chlorine and bromine that is being used will remove or inactivate the virus. There is no risk in the water. We will monitor on a regular basis.
  • The Bar and Restaurant are small and can’t handle more than 30 people at a time – the amount of 50 persons won’t be exceeded.
  • Important point to remember that our camping stands are big and nobody will stand on top of each other.

Contact Details

Tel: 014 013 0036

Mobile: 061 799 5307

Address: R519, Bela-Bela 0484




The minimum quantity of ADULTS per stand is 4.
When you are searching for Campsites, please
ensure that this setting is ALWAYS
set to between 4 and 6.

**(This does not apply to Tent Houses)