Private Ablution (Bath & Shower):

Quantity = 8 Stands available (nr17-24)
Size (including gravel block) = 10m x 11m

Private Ablution (Shower):

Quantity = 16 Stands available (nr 1-16)
Size (including gravel block) = 10m x 11m

Shared Ablution:

Quantity = 36 Stands available
Size (including gravel block) = 11m x 11m

Tent houses:

Quantity = 5 tent houses
Size = 70m²
Floor design = 1 Big open plan area with basic kitchen, lounge and
double bed.
Separate bedroom with 2 x single beds.
Separate Bathroom with “sink” bath, toilet and vanity.
Outdoor area = Boma area with braai
Outdoors Bushveld shower.
Price = Refer to price list

Contact Details

Tel: 014 013 0036

Mobile: 061 799 5307

Address: R519, Bela-Bela 0484




The minimum quantity of ADULTS per stand is 4.
When you are searching for Campsites, please
ensure that this setting is ALWAYS
set to between 4 and 6.

**(This does not apply to Tent Houses)